Frequently Ask Questions


Why should I use for your business?

There are millions of business across world offer varieties of technology product to improve your business, but it purely depends on your effort to use those products efficiently and invest your effort and money to sell your product or service to your customer and keep your customers happy. Either you make money or not you have to pay for the service them offering to you, but Salescouch works differently, we understand the business owners concerns & expectations, we support you to sell your product through our advanced technologies and help you to know your customer's voice. Once you get paid then only we get paid through you; we don’t get paid without adding value to your business, so we work hard to make your business profitable.

Moreover, there is zero cost for you to utilize our technology platform, which saves millions of dollars per year. We always raise our bar and keep innovating, which will directly benefit your business and keep your business on par with top enterprise companies and be competitive with them.

Who can use our service?

For example:

  • Electronics store, Groceries store, Bookstore, Restaurant, Tourist package selling Furniture store, Cosmetic store, Fashion / Dress material, Healthcare, Gift shops Home needs, Sports
  • And many more...

How to start?

All you have to do is spend 5-10 minutes to fill our online form, that’s all and we will take care of other things by providing you with the best end-to-end online trading and e-commerce website.

Is there any upfront fee or cost involved?

No, Our business module function as pay per use and pay as you grow so there is no charge for joining and consuming our all-free service and we don’t charge you unless you see a huge profit.

Who will manage my business technology and infrastructure and business logic?

We have dedicated team who will be managing and keep your business expanding across global. We offer this for FREE.

Will I get any dedicated website like for my business?

Yes, we create a unique identity for your business in the global market and you will get free dedicated subdomain website, for example, or you can have in your name /com/net/.us / you can buy from other hosting companies.

I already have domain or web address for my business but I love to migrate to is it possible.

Yes, Its five minutes process all you have to do is just signup in our platform and call/email our technical support experts. We will help you on how to migrate to our platform without any cost.

How I will upload our product in your technical platform and is there any cost involved and do I need to hire someone?

Our engineers made your life easy and all you have to do is fill our product upload excel sheet with your product details and click one button that’s all. You don’t have to pay or spend the time to understand how to do or hire experts to do it.

Do I need to design a website based on my business category or if I need to change my mind to go with a new design to impress my customer frequently, how I can do it?

We hear your concern & market expectation, so our technology expert already designed varieties of templates for each business categories and you can select or change any of your desired design just in a single click and the change you can do immediately.

How I will receive my payment and who will be paying me if there are any sales?

If you already purchased any payment gateway service, then you easily configured your account on our website.

If you are looking for a managed payment service, then we have an escrow system that will protect you and a buyer of your product and services. We receive funds from your customer and once you deliver the product and service to the purchaser, then we will release the funds of the buyer to your account.

Do you offer any shipping service?

We encourage our customer to use their desired shipping service and make their customers happy.

When I have to pay for you?

We will send you invoice for every 15 days or 30 days depends on customer and volume of sales. You can simply pay us using your credit/debit card.

Welcome to our online trading platform and we wish you all the very best.