Small & Medium Business Operations and Infrastructure cost


Problem: In the present market, many small & medium businesses are struggling to acquire new customers or retain their existing customers and be competitive with the top market players and multinational companies. The fundamental reasons are lack in market & customer research, high commercial rental cost, investment on technologies, not able to hire a smart sales team, lack in defining winning business strategies.


Solution: We offer end-to- end latest business execution infrastructure at FREE of cost to all our customers, so our customer business operation cost is zero. We help them to understand where the market for their products is and provide virtual sales team to sell their products. Our product enables our customer to operate their business as equal as the top ten market players by offering all business operation and marketing features. Based on the market moves we consistently upgrade our product and technologies to keep our customer business update.

Business Automation / Go online


Problem: Going online is not a significant achievement in today's technology dominated market, once you go online what you do on a day-to- day and how do you create visibility and market your business.


Solution: We are not a simple web page or e-commerce offering company. Our business is designed to make your business successful after taking you online, and our advance strategy algorithms keep you engage on knowing your customer interest and alert you at the right time to do right set of marketing through the integrated tools and technologies. You don’t have to engage with multiple vendors and pay various fees for your business operation, marketing, sales, design, etc. We offer everything as inbuilt features in a single dashboard.


To take your business online with us, all you have to do is just spend less than 6 minutes and fill some of your necessary information. We will take care of rest of the things, and your business will be online without a second delay, and your business is ready to run 24 hours in all 365 days in a year.

Create Desktop/Mobile online store in few clicks


We invest heavily in automating the process as much as we can and offering a technology platform to take your business online just by few clicks, and you don’t have to pay for any setup.

Our technologies automatically fit into Mobile, Laptop, Desktop or any big screen, so you don’t have to worry about mobile using customer or laptop using customers. We get them engaged with your store by offer best user experience.

Enjoy the beautiful store like this and attract your customers.

Design and Personalization


We respect your preference and expectation, to make your dream true we offer unlimited access to the free and premium template. You can select any of the templates of your choice, and it will apply to your store in a second.


No Technologies or Coding or Infrastructure

Our fully automated product allows any regular computer user to use our product without spending time on learning or hiring technologist.
Drag and Drop feature: Our product is entirely user experience based, and you can just drag and drop your desired functionality and designs. It's will automatically fit into the system and shown to your customers through a beautiful view.

Customer Management


Acquiring new customers and retaining is super important for any business and we do understand that and designed a user friendly customer management system, which allows you to manage your customer and keep them engage with your business.


Our advanced Customer Management system will keep you update about each and every activity of your customer from day one they join. You can manage and connect with them through our portal or social networking.


We also have an integrated billing, messaging, order, user experience, and other analytics to track each of your customers and this will help you to understand your customer needs and keep them happy through your product and services.

Product Upload and customization


In a single click, you can upload millions of product or single product and customized it with various unlimited options and variants. The products which you have uploaded will be available to your customers just in few seconds.


You can also use your mobile phone to upload product for your business just in few clicks.

Marketing & Sales


For any business you are in, sales and marketing are critical to any business. Failure to implement right business development strategy will not create a success path for any business. It's also tough for a growing business to invest and hire strategy planner and keep track of their business.


We have integrated with smart business growing algorithms, which send action signals to our customers and offer suggestions to make their business success.


Our automated marketing system provides you an option to do social media marketing and online marketing just with few clicks, and you can implement various marketing strategy and campaign just sitting from your home or office.


We bring customer for your business from different channels like social networking, blogs, video, search and much more. We are also working to provide virtual sales executive and Facebook store at free of cost.

Create Deals

Send Deals

Publish in Social Media

Traffic from Search Engine

Dedicated Support


We are one of the best customer-centric company, and we do our best to keep our customer happy, so our customer support executive is well trained to offer you the best support to make your business more successful through phone and email support.

Infrastructure and data privacy


We use advance technologies and infrastructure to keep your data as secure as we can and keep business up & running without any downtime.

Our customer they will never care about load time and content distribution system because we already choose the best CDN and deliver each of our customer data at lightening speed.